Old About Me


clare kiely4


 My Background:  For over fifteen years I have been teaching both academic subjects and arts and crafts in small group settings.  I believe that creating something with our own hands makes us feel better in all kinds of ways.  Whether painting, knitting, making felt or weaving, it can also help us make sense of our lives and the world in which we live. I have found this to be true not only in my own experience but also in the work that I do with young people who are suffering from anxiety or depression. (www.oaktreeslearning.co.uk)  I have seen at first hand how art can build self-esteem and improve our health and wellbeing.

My Artwork:  As a spinner, weaver and felt-maker I use whichever medium best suits what I want to express.  I am interested in the tension and connection between the external physical world in which we live and the internal world of our thoughts and emotions as well as the contrast between our true selves and the selves we often present to the world.

This year the amazing natural colours and  otherwordly softness of the alpaca fleece  have led me to concentrate on applied art (see Suffolk Alpaca page), felting pots and vases and weaving cushions, revelling in the tactile pleasure of it all. Having spent many years using the brightly coloured, highly processed merino wool, I am enjoying taking everything back to basics. There is an immense feeling of satisfaction in starting with the raw fleece direct from the animal and processing it all by hand from beginning to end. A true cottage industry.