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Available Workshops 

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These workshops can be followed as a series or you can just jump in anywhere you like! See more details and photos on the workshop dates page.

Flat felt pictures and beads

Felting round a resist - pots and flowers

Felting round a larger resist - hats, bags or slippers

Felting techniques - nuno, cobweb and lattice.


Drop Spindle Spinning

I  will show you how to create your own unique yarn for use in knitting, weaving or feltmaking.

Ideal if you want to make some textured accents for your own work. Don't be put off - anyone can do it!


Weaving without a loom

It is perfectly possible to weave without having to buy a loom.

Weave round pizza bases or cardboard boxes or use old picture frames to create beautiful woven 2D or 3D items.


Fimo Clay Buttons and Beads

If you have ever struggled to find exactly the right buttons for something you were making or have been shocked at the cost of them, then this is the workshop for you.

Make attractive buttons (or beads) in the colours that you want. Try out the amazing millefiori techniques to make buttons that everyone will be impressed by.


Arm Knitting

This is a new technique which is just beginning to catch on. Knit a scarf in half an hour.

Good to use with your homespun wool as it shows off textures beautifully.